Item: A Theranos-branded Drucker centrifuge – model 842VES

Acquired by the RIAV: 2019

Elizabeth Holmes once reminded herself on a piece of hotel stationary that she always calls bullshit immediately. This is a healthful and positive business practice that often helps prevent unethical business patterns.

Anyway, Elizabeth Holmes is currently in prison for a giant fraud and frequent lies about the capabilities of the Theranos device. Exec Sunny Balwani, a man Elizabeth once called her "water" and "ocean" will be joining her up the river.

Theranos raised over $700 million to build a revolutionary blood testing device. Henry Kissinger, Jim Mattis, and George Schultz all sat on the board. Who would have expected that Kissinger didn't have the biology chops to vet a cutting-edge new technology?

  • Theranos-branded centrifuge, front view
  • Theranos-branded centrifuge, angled view